Educational Games

Educational games like crossword puzzles, math work sheets or word search are great media for the learning process. This site lets you create many different games to use for free.



Kids who play video games do better as adults

Kids who play video games do better as adults

SMART Boards


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I have worked with SMART Boards before and found them very helpful. I have posted a short video on the use and interactive teaching that can be done. I would say that SMART Boards are a greater version of Power Point. The only difference is that one has much greater interaction with students and the possibilities are endless.

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My view on Technology in Teaching

Going through this PIDP 3240 course I have come to realize what a big part technology has come to play in education, and that its role is only going to increase. This said, I still think the best way to educate is blended media: a blending of the old classroom and the new online teaching would be an effective combination. As an “old guy” I know that personal social interaction is a very important part of our society and of teaching. One-on-one personal interaction will always be an important skill to develop. Technology does not teach this. I can sit in front of my computer and post to forum pages and on Facebook when I want, and walk away when I am not in the mood. If I choose not to chat with someone I do not have to. This is impossible when you go to an old fashioned school room. We as teachers have the responsibility to show our students right from wrong, give the encouragement when needed, look at them when they’re feeling sad and take time to ask, “Can I help?” All of those interactions rely on our observations of students and of how they interact. This is not something I as a teacher will know when I am looking at a computer screen. The human aspect has to be there in teaching.
On the subject of online teaching, I understand that an instructor needs to stay on top of social media. It is no good if we just do it once in a while. To be effective one has to make time to place relevant topics and comments regardless of the subject taught. My students’ online learning process will only be as good as I set it up and contribute to it, and as they make it.
Let’s work hard on getting technology into the classroom but not if it takes the human connection away

Globe and Mail Article on Technology


This article from the Globe and Mail is another of many that reiterates that technology, when not used properly, will not help learning. We need to go back to our objectives, our desired outcomes, and then look for the appropriate tools to get our objectives done.

I guess 9,300 signatures is not enough to support this pedagogy, according to this article.


Social media and learning

Social media and learning
by Dauke Dauke – Thursday, 6 March 2014, 8:02 AM

This is a great paper on social media and the process of informal learning that takes place within the context of a specific business needs and goals. This marketing agency uses Wiki/Blog and Discussion board to get the team together and come up with creative ideas. For social networking communities to succeed it needs leadership by example. Like anything in life you have to give it your all, otherwise the success will be in doubt.

Week 3 – Organization Happened


The week started with me worried about this course and about pulling what remaining hair I had left.  It is a lot to do and I thought maybe even too much.  I decided I needed a plan and some organization.  I heard from others that took this course that was important.  So I made myself a chart.  That took time but I am glad I did it.  Now I have a way to keep track of the postings I’ve done and what I need to do. 

This internet learning is new with me.  Really, going back to school is new but in the other PIDP courses I liked that I spent time with my instructor and fellow students and was able to ask questions and figure out what I was doing right and wrong.  I don’t have that in this course.  I am frustrated that responses to my questions do not come right away and it’s hard to figure out if I am doing the right things as there is so much to learn.  I don’t know if I am posting on the Facebook page right and right now I think no news is good news.  Maybe next week I will write an email to Brian and ask him how I’m doing.  I am liking the water cooler chat area and I guess I will have to get used to this internet learning business.

Another thing.  I work afternoon shifts.  I figured out that I don’t like to spend time at the computer when I get home at night, especially with the Olympics on.  I decided to start getting up earlier and drinking my coffee while I was reading the forums, surfing the internet and doing some of my own postings.  I am feeling more in control and I hope next week will be even better.  I am happy with how much I have learned about the use of technology to teach and I know now how much more there is to check out.  I have enjoyed the dinner table conversations and discussions I have had with my fellow workers this past week because of this new knowledge.  Still, I don’t know how I could apply what I have learned.  I am still looking for something I could use with my pastry students.  I hope I will. 

Game on!

I was never a gamer, but I’ve come to believe video games are an awesome learning tool. Teaching Naked opened my thinking: good video games do everything that we want from a good learning environment; they may even inspire optimism about how human action can change the world. Games are really just an endless series of tests, a constant stream of problem solving and assessment.

Video games will have a vital part in education in our future. I know that I would have loved to be educated in grade school by video games; perhaps it’s because of my style of learning. I note that there is a large population of mature adults from all different walks of life who love to play video games. I have encountered people in my everyday life who play all sorts of games, from Lumosity, geocaching, Call of Duty (who knew it was referred to as COD?).

I would love to design a video game to help my Pastry Arts students. Chocolate buffetCan you picture Arnold Schwarzenegger firing chocolate bullets at a soufflé?